Wonder Flour Blondie {Recipe}

Chocolate version of Wonder Flour Blondies

This recipe is from ChefBrad.com, click here for his recipe page. Chef Brad is an authority when it comes to grains, see his website chefbrad.com for great information.

You can make this recipe gluten-free by using Chef Brad’s Gluten-Free Wonder Flour mix or just use his regular Wonder Flour mix. Wonder Flour is great way of replacing your white flour and adding nutrition without loosing the taste, I actually prefer the taste of Wonder Flour over white flour in most cases.

We love this blondie recipe because it has several options to make it different every time you make it. You can add coconut, Heathbar pieces, chopped nuts, chocolate chips (to make it chocolate blondies), or you can make it gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Wonder Flour Mix in WonderMill

Getting Started

First you need to make your Wonder Flour, see Chef Brad’s Wonder Flour page for grain proportions. In a large bowl, mix the 3 grains together for your Wonder Flour or Gluten-Free Wonder Flour blend. This grain mix can be ground into fine flour in either the WonderMill or Wonder Junior grain mill. After you have ground your Wonder Flour blend into flour you can start your recipe.

Let’s Get Baking

Follow the Chef Brad’s Wonder Flour Blondie Recipe to make this delicious (gluten-free optional) desert.

Our favorite way to make this recipe is with chocolate chips to turn it into a chocolate blondie, we have many chocolate lovers at our kitchen. Also, we sometimes leave out half the butter in this recipe and it still turns out great.

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