Milling Your Own Gluten-Free Flour

Milling most Gluten-Free Flours at home can easily be done with a WonderMill grain mill or Wonder Junior grain mill. Grains like sorghum, brown rice, white rice, oats, beans, amaranth, corn, soybeans, tapioca, millet, teff, and more (see With the Wonder Junior Deluxe hand grain mill, you can even mill and make almond meal/flour or chestnut flour.

So Why Mill Your Own Gluten-Free Flour?
There are a few reasons for it.

  1. Have seen the prices for gluten-free flours, buying bulk whole grains is significantly cheaper in the long run.
  2. Stores better in it’s whole form. Many gluten-free flours don’t keep well so buying them in bulk can result in wasted flour due to not being used fast enough. When in there whole form, you can store them for much much longer and mill it in smaller quantities so you use it before it goes bad.
  3. Fresh is always better (just our opinion).

If you only use gluten-free flours in few occasions you probably have no need to mill your own. If you use gluten-free flours often then you could be saving $$$ by milling your own at home. Most grains are significantly cheaper in their whole form, some are upto half the price or much more. It is an investment at first to buy a good grain mill but in the long term you will start saving big money milling your own gluten-free flour instead of buying it in it’s flour form.

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2 Responses to Milling Your Own Gluten-Free Flour

  1. I have been totally gluten free for 7 years and would love to be able to mill my own flour combinations. What is this mill constructed of and why is it so expensive?

  2. Brenda says:

    This doesn’t answer your question about the price of mills, but several of my friends have the Wonder Grain Mill and love it. I’ve seen it in use and it’s very quiet. I can’t afford one now, but when I save up, I’ll get this one. It’s the one Chef Brad uses.

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