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Quinoa Flour

Quinoa Flour can easily be made in the WonderMill electric grain mill or the Wonder Junior hand grain mill (see our video) from whole quinoa grains. Makes a fine or coarse flour for all your needs.

Learn more about the WonderMill electric grain mill or Wonder Junior hand grain mill

Quinoa flour is a commonly used gluten-free flour but can be used in a variety of uses and recipes, gluten-free or not.

Whole Quinoa can be bought at bulk grain stores, or even Costco. Whole Quinoa stores for about 6 months but once it is processed into flour it goes bad in half the time. Buying packages of whole quinoa and grinding your own quinoa flour at home can be a real money saver when compared to buying quinoa flour on a regular basis.

Save Up-To $3.82/pound
Milling Your Own Quinoa Flour

One of the best places I have found to buy whole quinoa in bulk is Walton Feed or Costco. I can buy a 25 pound bag of quinoa at for about $73.00 shipped, that is $2.92/pound. Because they do not currently sale quinoa flour in the stores in my area I buy it from and I get enough that I qualify for the free shipping. To buy a 4 pack of 22 oz. Bob’s Red Mill white rice flour packages costs $37.04, that is a wopping $6.74/pound. Do the math, if I were to buy bulk from Costco and grind it myself in my WonderMill grain mill I would save $3.82/pound. If you use 2.5 cups of fresh quinoa flour (making recipes like quinoa pancakes) each week for just 2 years, you would have your WonderMill grain mill paid for by quinoa flour savings alone.

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